I am a creative person with strong management abilities. Some would say I am an artist. But probably I am not.

I am first of all a video documentary maker but I can successfully direct and produce almost any mass media genre including photography, film & video, radio, live shows & sports.

My background counts more than 150 programmes and shows, from the Iraq war or a Himalayan expedition to the Hollywood stars, from the holly Nepal to a Matterhorn climb. In the last 20 years I made and produced programmes in more than 20 countries, including Mauritania, Cuba, or Thailand, but also in Finland, Germany or the U.K..

You can use my experience as an all-around film-maker: I write, shoot, direct, edit, produce; many of my programmes were made in flexible two member crews with only a host on camera.

You can also assign me to the most difficult on location productions including extreme expeditions – as I am always prepared to travel - and taking unexpected tough challenges is my way of life.

I will also direct and produce your corporate and industrial programmes as well as your next successful election campaign.

As part of your large-scale productions as feature films, docu-dramas and commercials, I direct with creativity, smiling diplomacy and competence. You can rely on my eye as photographer for still and motion pictures and you’ll find that taking pictures is the most rewarding craft I master.